Double birthday celebrations!

Premiere DateJul 21, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 INTRO
01:42 The Eye Waxahatchee
05:52 Had To Catch Up Chance Wiesner
07:57 Lasso Arbor Labor Union
11:08 Piltdown Man Frances Quinlan
14:20 Sat By A Tree Dan Deacon
18:44 Paper Cup Real Estate
24:44 Guard The Baby Dirty Projectors
27:24 The Poet Can t Jam Born Ruffians
30:56 Darkside Laumė
34:40 Get Better Soon Ryan Pollie
38:03 Intrusive Thoughts Jordana
40:39 Grass It Grows Cuesta Loeb
45:01 M.O.W.O. James Supercave
52:18 The More I Cry Alice Boman
56:23 Away (Hunted Version) Anna Calvi
60:40 The Heart And It's Double Sarah Mary Chadwick
65:25 No Caves Why Bonnie
69:46 Determined Outcome Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams
71:57 Mariella Ultraísta
77:05 Benji Trace Mountains
80:59 Big Embarrassing Heart Georgia Maq
85:02 Piper Kevin Krauter
87:40 Silver + Gold Elliot Moss
91:38 Magazine Bay Yumi Zouma
95:29 Light Goes Out In August Pablo Dylan
99:52 Coming Thru Lido Pimienta
102:29 don't wait up Son Little
105:12 OUTRO
106:52 Hope We Meet Again Laura Marling
110:40 This Is Far From Over Bonnie "Prince" Billy
113:27 E N D

It’s my birthday month and we are also celebrating 15 years of BTR! Music from the second half of my 29th year, January – July 2020.

As mentioned in the episode, some inclusive children’s books to consider sharing with the children in your life:
A Is For Activist by Innosanto Nagara
Julián is a Mermaid by Jessica Love
My Feminist ABC by Duopress Labs
Works by Vashti Harrison 

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