Celebrate your victories, and your mom!

Premiere DateMay 5, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
03:12 You've Had Me Everywhere of Montreal
07:55 The Everglades (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Walter Martin
11:02 Mindboggling CMON
15:23 Fashion School Honey Cutt
19:20 Mic Break
20:46 Don't Let Go Bloodshot Bill
23:01 Movin' Faster Bloodshot Bill
25:11 Look Backward On Your Future Look Forward On Your Past Bonnie "Prince" Billy
28:59 Just Lie Still Roselit Bone
32:44 Sweet Teeth Odetta Hartman
35:28 Lilac Waxahatchee
38:31 Mississippi Gabrielle Marlena
42:17 Mic Break
44:18 Shells Thurlowood
47:19 I Want To Be In The Mafia BC Camplight
51:46 Dream St Jackie Lynn
57:07 All The Land Glimmered Julie Byrne
60:01 Me & May Trace Mountains
62:21 A Soldier Being Fired The Baird Sisters
65:39 Just What To Say Ryan Massad
67:54 Jenny Says Wares
72:14 Mic Break
74:20 Squeaky Born Ruffians
78:49 Postcards From Italy Beirut
83:08 Youth All We Are
87:28 Best You Laumé
90:37 Teenage Wolf Superorder
93:47 Bodyintoshapes Elliot Moss
97:58 Reasons San Cisco
101:07 Shaking Hazel English
104:38 Bring Her The Mirror Shannon Shaw
107:22 Window Seat Shannen Moser
109:59 Outro
112:12 One For Mama Shannen Moser
115:18 Genius Rose Dorn
118:23 END

A big playlist to celebrate a big accomplishment I’ve got coming up. Lots of music and some thoughts. Sending all the moms out there a virtual high five.

Maggie is everywhere and nowhere. Her favorite color is pizza and her favorite food is candy. She has been involved with BTR behind the scene for a while now, and as of March 2020, is the host of the weekly…