Birthday Month Music

Premiere DateJul 7, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
02:40 Nothing Makes My Heart Sing Joanna Sternberg
05:41 Deeper Lunch Lady
08:01 Digital Light Field Lisel
10:48 Man Joyero
14:24 Lay Me Down City And Colour
20:15 Wandering Star Richard Spitzer
22:39 Get Well Soon Boy Scouts
26:21 Mic Break
29:01 I Loved Being My Mother's Son Purple Mountains
33:16 Twilight Doug Tuttle
37:12 Parallel Wives Andrew Deadman
39:02 The Art of Revolution Samana
44:01 Cat's Eye Blue Hiss Golden Messenger
47:44 Wild Heart Ada Lea
51:40 The Absentee Flora Hibberd
56:49 Mic Break
60:50 Raven Black Vandana
65:10 Long Way Home Jade Jackson
68:49 My Teeth Hurt Ezra Furman
71:20 Keeping Up Boniface
74:36 Walking Iris Luke Temple
78:43 Dark & Handsome Blood Orange feat Toro y Moi
81:02 Not My Spiritual Guide Luke Lalonde
84:31 Mic Break
87:51 Golden Babyland Lina Tullgren
91:33 Lovesunk The Arthur Brothers
95:47 At The Party Hana Vu
98:23 Electricity Allah-Las
101:19 Deep Green Julien Chang
106:30 Outro
108:00 Airport somesurprises
112:31 Blood Orange Moon Shot Good Graces
116:09 E N D

I’m turning 30 this month, so a bit of a theme coming with the next few shows. This episode mostly features music from the first half of my 29th year, July – December 2019. Also, a few life lessons I have learned over the years.

Remember, even if your timelines have gone back to normal, Black Lives Matter. At the time of this posting, the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor in her bed are still free. Have you taken action? More info here.

Maggie is everywhere and nowhere. Her favorite color is pizza and her favorite food is candy. She has been involved with BTR behind the scene for a while now, and as of March 2020, is the host of the weekly…