August is winding down ...

Premiere DateAug 18, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
02:04 Sweet Coffee Madeline Kenney
05:36 Burlap String Courtney Marie Andrews
09:27 Love in 2 Stages Land of Talk
12:41 Moonmoons Anna Meredith
16:49 Sense Of Time Moscoman
21:02 Mic Break
22:57 Cigarettes and Whiskey Buffalo Rose
29:29 Bags For Life Ganser
34:31 No Reminders Jonathan Bree
39:07 Those Eyes Helvetia
43:29 Nummah Liela Moss
47:35 Sway Jordana
51:37 I'll Take It Boring Jordana
54:45 Mic Break
57:11 Dandelions/Liminal Emmy The Great
60:29 Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Mariya May
64:23 Let Me In Animal Scream
67:43 Typical Morgan Harper-Jones
71:10 Joey Samantha Crain
75:46 Too Soon Liza Anne
78:23 Weight of That Weekend Land of Talk
82:03 Mic Break
83:52 Stay Close The Heart Of The Sun
87:22 Ocean I Swam carmen canedo
91:11 Orange Lite Lady Midnight
95:47 Sunny Fontaines D.C.
100:35 Crocus Bibio
102:51 Guilty Courtney Marie Andrews
106:39 The Making of You Snowgoose
110:40 Outro
112:17 Cracked Up Over You Don Bryant
115:23 Don't Turn Your Back on Me Don Bryant
119:24 E N D

Two hours of music to get you through your day! Also, links below for some social media pages that might stop your scroll.

The Conscious Kid
Rachel Cargle
Campaign Zero
Showing Up For Racial Justice

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