30 Songs for 30 Years

Premiere DateJul 14, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
01:45 Overlord Dirty Projectors
04:27 Wilder Than Me Fletcher C Johnson
06:25 Mon Espirit Sweet Crude
11:14 Arkadelphia Waxahatchee
15:58 Squeaky Born Ruffians
20:34 Love Me, Still Honey Cutt
24:35 A Wave of Golden Things Tall Tall Trees
29:34 Mic Break
32:03 mahalia Son Little
35:53 woman, here Ada Lea
39:15 Neon Skyline Andy Shauf
42:47 Ocean She Keeps Bees
46:32 Migration Of Souls M. Ward
49:54 Marigold Kyle Forester
53:45 Wrong For You Molly Burch
56:57 Cowboy Song Odetta Hartman
59:08 Breakfast Sandwich Ryan Michael Block
64:12 Mic Break
66:39 Half Blood (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Domino Kirke
70:04 First Flower Molly Burch
73:26 Sharp Dressed Penguin Chance Wiesner
75:51 Only Falling Sounds Roselit Bone
78:14 Fire Waxahatchee
81:45 Jacket Anna Burch
85:20 Mic Break
87:41 I've Got Something Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
92:22 that's the way Son Little
96:35 Understate The Royal They
101:10 In My Own Time Fran
106:25 Love I Can't Explain Shannon Shaw
109:33 That Feeling Bloodshot Bill
111:29 Outro
112:17 Your Love is to Blame Don Bryant
115:40 Go Somewhere Luke Lalonde
120:41 E N D

It’s my 20th episode of Super Superb and I am also celebrating my 30th birthday. I usually do this by eating candy and junk food all day. This year we can add “sharing an awesome playlist of music I love” to the list. Songs I love to start this next journey around the sun.

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As I said in the show, I hope you are continuing the fight for racial justice. And learning. And unlearning where necessary. Below are some helpful links that you might consider checking out.

The Great Unlearn by Rachel Cargle.
Black Lives Matter


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