Episode 8 / 2016 labels recap

Premiere DateDec 23, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 / SubInev on BTR / intro
01:44 ”Fruitless Research" TW Walsh
05:10 ”Beyond A Shadow" Casket Girls
09:00 ”Ugly Flower" Moonface and Siinai
14:19 ”Edgewood" Telekinesis
17:12 ”LIfe Is Suffering" Deerhoof
20:43 ”Diamond Mine" Pillar Point
25:08 ”A Memory" Fear Of Men
29:06 ”Coo Coo" Weaves
32:41 / SubInev on BTR
33:31 ”Tough Luck" Sneaks
35:02 ”Tell Her I'm Just Dancing" Hiss Golden Messenger
37:51 ”Well Adjusted" Yeesh
41:39 ”Forlim Chop" Wild Pink
43:57 ”Infinite Return" Faith Healer
46:58 ”Unsaid" Supermoon
48:59 / SubInev on BTR
50:35 ”Love Bug" MONOGOLD
54:05 ”All Night All Day" Jeen.
57:04 ”Till Your Legs Give Up" Pronoun
60:42 ”Love Song" Flying Pace
64:59 ”Sleepwalker" Dan Misha Goldman
70:39 ”Nerves" Forth Wanderers
73:17 ”Tomorrow's Egg" Daniel Woolhouse
77:00 / SubInev on BTR
77:44 ”Bridge and Tunnel Of Love" The Everymen
81:04 ”Impulse" His Clancyness
86:01 ”Couldn't Get Gone (Ally)" Johnny V. Lewis
89:00 ”See You In A Dream" Jess Williamson
94:26 ”You Did" Shana Falana
97:43 ”The Complicated Men Of The 1940s" Luke Temple
101:52 / SubInev on BTR
103:21 ”Magic Toilet" Lost Gloves
106:02 ”Lincoln Lincoln" Sam Kogon
109:30 ”Monsters" Slaughter Beach, Dog
112:45 ”Olympia" Jackie Zealous
115:36 ”We Will Disperse" TOY
119:38 / SubInev on BTR
120:17 ”Last Few True" Living Body
125:44 / SubInev on BTR
126:22 FINISH

Here at the end of 2016, we take a look back at the 7 record labels covered on The Sub-Inev Show so far: Graveface, Kanine, Merge, Polyvinyl, Tiny Engines, and Mint, along with some other great music that came out this year.

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