Episode 7 / Mint Records feature

Premiere DateDec 16, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 / SubInev on BTR
00:57 “If You See Me, Say Yes” Flock Of Dimes
04:25 “Don’t Wanna Win” Aloha
08:22 “I Belong In Your Arms” Nightblonde
11:32 “Everybody Wants To Love You” Japanese Breakfast
13:40 / SubInev on BTR
14:28 “X.I.Y.” Pinback
17:52 “I’m Moving” Ages and Ages
21:17 “Hogs Out” Megafauna
25:09 “Like They Always Say” Del Caesar
28:47 “Caste Out” Kino Kimono
31:38 / SubInev on BTR
32:41 “Choose” Living Body
35:57 “Creep On Creepin’ On” Timber Timbre
39:50 “Strongest Force” Loveland
42:27 “In A Chinese Alley” Cass McCombs
45:39 “Tapping On The Line” Calexico
51:54 “Falling” Here We Go Magic
55:44 / SubInev on BTR
57:34 “Begin Again” Andy Shauf
60:00 “Citizens Vain” Yairms
63:44 “Pyramids” Burning Palms
65:46 “Rogue Planet” Thee Oh Sees
67:38 “Cowboy Guilt” Torres
70:23 / SubInev on BTR
70:56 “Completely” Grooms
74:45 “Just Cuz You Can’t” Pronoun
77:58 “Forgiven/Forgotten” Angel Olsen
79:57 “Human” Weaves
83:35 “License To Confuse” Sebadoh
85:19 / SubInev on BTR / Mint Record feature
88:32 “Falling In Love” Monomyth
91:02 “Street Freaks” Jay Arner
94:40 “Secrets In A Small Town” Supermoon
96:37 “Oh What A Feeling” The Organ
99:13 “Again” Faith Healer
102:10 “The Party Ends” Fake Tears
105:17 / SubInev on BTR / Mint Record feature
106:23 “Glass Animal” Renny Wilson
107:59 “Same House” Hot Panda
111:17 “Snakes & Ladders” Tough Age
114:04 “A Little Tradition” Novillero
117:34 “I Kind Of Hate Songs With Ambiguous Lyrics” Geoff Berner
119:25 “Everyone Looks Like Everyone” The Pack A.D.
122:24 / SubInev on BTR / Mint Record feature
123:52 “Subliminal” Heaven For Real
127:00 / SubInev on BTR / outro
127:17 FINISH

For the last proper record label feature of the year, we take a look to the north, checking out the fine music from Canada’s Mint Records! Plus the usual selection of awesome jams from this year and a few goodies from the past.

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