Episode 6 / Jagjaguwar feature

Premiere DateDec 9, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 / SubInev on BTR / intro
01:30 “I Recollect” Living Body
04:44 “If You Want It” Sam Roberts Band
08:12 “Nights Winning Again” Johnny V. Lewis
12:30 “Ghost **” Jay Som
15:33 / SubInev on BTR
16:45 “Hammock” EZTV
20:00 “Round and Round” Soda Shop
23:45 “Mindfulness” Flyying Colours
27:46 “Last Words” Hospitality
34:09 “Sweet Talk” Air Waves
36:13 / SubInev on BTR / JAGJAGUWAR label feature
38:37 “Modern Music” Black Mountain
41:18 “I Don’t Want To Let You Down” Sharon Van Etten
45:13 “Ugly Flower Pretty Vase” Moonface and Siinai
50:30 “Surrender” Briana Marela
53:55 “In The Forest” The Besnard Lakes
59:34 / SubInev on BTR / JAGJAGUWAR label feature
61:31 “Electric Arc” Lia Ices
65:35 “Another Night at Lamppost Lounge” Trevor Sensor
70:41 “Back At Belle’s” Small Black
74:15 “Thistles” Wolf People
78:02 “Necessary Evil” Unknown Mortal Orchestra
83:06 / SubInev on BTR / JAGJAGUWAR label feature
85:44 “___45___” Bon Iver
88:19 “Heart Shaped Face” Angel Olsen
93:46 “Mirror” Dinosaur Jr.
97:57 / SubInev on BTR
101:10 “Red” Sneaks
102:12 “Don’t Gotta Prove It” Walter Schreifels
104:53 “Meticulous Bird” Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
108:12 “Example” TEEN
111:47 “Summer Running” Sam Evian
115:10 “Now and Then” Uncle Skeleton
117:18 / SubInev on BTR / “Fantasy Trash Wave” - Tobacco
118:47 “In A Future World” Telekinesis
121:42 / SubInev on BTR / outro
121:48 FINISH

This week on the show we check out new music from Living Body, Johnny V. Lewis, and Sam Roberts Band before digging in for over an hour of tunes from the Jagjaguwar catalog!

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