Episode 54 / Kanine Records Part 2 / Lio Kanine Interview

Premiere DateNov 10, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 START
00:04 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:31 SubInev on BTR / Kanine Records intro
01:14 Lio Kanine interview
23:32 “Sleepless Dreamer” Pearl Charles
27:07 “Homely Feeling” Hockey Dad
29:38 Lio Kanine interview
64:12 “Bring You Down” Pinact
67:24 “Everybody Says” Pinact
69:18 Lio Kanine interview
82:15 “Don’t Talk To Strangers” Agent Bla
85:11 “Rote Learning “ Agent Bla
88:29 Lio Kanine interview
96:05 “Warts” Weeping Icon
99:41 “teeth (_ a handbag)” Weeping icon
104:21 “Slicked” Weaves
108:30 “Puddle” Weaves
112:01 Lio Kanine interview
119:05 ”Victoria" Beverly
122:42 OUTRO
123:15 END

This week we revisit the Brooklyn record label Kanine Records, with an in-depth interview with Lio Kanine, who has some great advice for being a successful band and hooking up with the right label, how a label can document a scene and grow with it, and the secrets to good music. We cover the early days with breakout bands Grizzly Bear, Chairlift, Surfer Blood, get into some local NYC music scene nostalgia, Ian Mckaye, skateboarding, kids, showering, venues, Florida, the label’s current international roster, and why New York is rad, all over some candy and Cigar City beer. Don’t miss this one!

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