First episode / Graveface Records feature

Premiere DateNov 4, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 intro / “coffee (instrumental)” Sylvan Esso
02:15 “Hitchhike Love” A Giant Dog
04:34 “Liquid Daydream” POW!
07:48 “Rugged Country” Japanese Breakfast
10:36 “Re: Lease Life (Place 2 Go)” Monomyth
15:14 “Courtesy Phone” Telekinesis
17:38 “Dispossessor” Deerhoof
19:41 mic break
21:30 “Tenderize” Ava Luna
24:46 “Jet In Jungle” Damaged Bug
27:58 “Know Better” Forth Wanderers
30:42 “Binary” Douglas Dare
35:52 “Free Time” TEEN
39:29 “Street Freaks” Jay Arner
43:07 “If You Say So” Supermoon
45:43 “Call You Up” Grace Joyner
49:31 mic break
52:46 “Fever” Purling Hiss
55:50 “Lost All Day” Dinosaur Jr.
60:51 “Kids” Hop Along
63:34 “Future Mixtape For the Art Kids” Beach Slang
66:03 “Wasted On You” Bleached
69:06 “One More” Weaves
71:34 mic break / GRAVEFACE RECORDS
73:35 “Last Disaster” Night School
77:17 “Kismet Kill” Haley Bonar
80:38 “All In Time” Hospital Ships
86:35 mic break / GRAVEFACE RECORDS
87:39 “Beyond A Shadow” Casket Girls
91:30 “Monterrey” TW Walsh
94:59 “Summer’s Gone” the Stargazer Lilies
98:51 mic break
101:18 “Slow One (on BTR Hear + There)” DOTT
105:39 “Bed Version” Grooms
110:38 “Dove” Pillar Point
115:06 “Fantasy” Air Waves
118:39 mic break / outro / “Ohio” Jaw Gems
120:05 Finish

In this, the very first episode of The Subliminal Inevitable Show on BTRtoday, we check out some recent releases, and spend a little time with the Savannah, GA-based label, Graveface Records.


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