Episode 52 / Exploding In Sound Records / Dan Goldin Interview

Premiere DateOct 27, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 START
00:03 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:53 Exploding In Sound Records - Interview
12:29 "Mirror" Big Heet
15:35 "My Boy Seth (feat. Sam Rosenberg)" Maneka
18:56 EIS Records - EIS Tape Club
28:05 "Oats" Tall Friend
30:17 EIS Records - Live At Shea Stadium
45:09 "Part Of Your Scene 1.16.15" Two Inch Astronaut
48:47 "Bad History Month 07.15.12" Fat History Month
52:05 "Jock Dreams 02.25.16" Stove
55:50 EIS Records - new releases and artwork
67:23 "Fig" Bethlehem Steel
70:32 "Dog Go Bark" Washer
73:06 EIS Records Bad History Month
80:09 "The Nonexistent Distance" Bad History Month
84:21 EIS Records - EIS x Serious Business on BTR
91:15 "Unbounded Nameless Future" Krill
95:05 "Pet Carrot" Palehound
97:29 "Parking Lot" Kal Marks
100:26 "Codec" Baked
103:05 "Tin Foil Hat" Pile
105:53 EIS Records interview wrapup
107:36 "Blank" Stove
109:54 "The Cosmos" Milked
113:49 "Indoor Soccer" Speedy Ortiz
117:01 "Tiger Baby (feat. Jordyn Blakely)" Maneka
109:03 "Capitalized" BIG UPS
121:12 "72" Tall Friend
123:06 SubInev on BTR / outro
123:57 OVER!

This week we finally get to the long-awaited Exploding In Sound Records feature on the show, including an interview with the label’s founder, Dan Goldin (who also runs the music blog Post-Trash)! We cover everything from the label’s beginnings, to the EIS Tape Club, the Shea Stadium compilation, music blogs, artwork (check out We Three Club designAdric Giles, and Nicole Rifkin illustration), and more. We even get a little nostalgic about the time Exploding In Sound took over the show Serious Business On BTR and come up with a new description for the label’s sound: slimy, in a good way.

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