Episode 50 / 40 Label Recap!

Premiere DateOct 13, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 start
00:03 SubInev on BTR / Intro
01:07 "Beyond a Shadow" Casket Girls
04:56 "They Never Got You" Spoon
09:55 "Headspins" SPLASHH
13:01 "Long Knives" Rainer Maria
16:03 "Forlim Chop" Wild Pink
18:21 "Another Night at Lamppost Lounge" Trevor Sensor
23:28 "Subliminal" Heaven For Real
26:52 "Some Are Lakes" Land Of Talk
30:26 SubInev on BTR
31:49 "Razor Blade" Snaex
36:05 "Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl " Broken Social Scene
40:28 "Porno Mtn" Jasmin Kaset
43:12 "Could I Be" Sylvan Esso
47:43 "Ariana" Mercury Girls
50:12 "Creature Comfort" Woods
53:51 "Know Better" Forth Wanderers
56:35 "How Wonderful" Young Magic
59:54 SubInev on BTR
62:34 "Thought Garden" DEEP STATE
63:45 "At Least We Have Each Other" Southeast Engine
66:05 "Confusion" Charles Bradley
69:43 "New Moon" Peach Kelli Pop
71:41 "Ladyfingers" Yi
74:09 "Locator" Wilco
76:19 "Stoney Jabroni Makosa" Ryan Massad
78:48 "Could Be You" Allah-Las
81:52 SubInev on BTR
83:30 "Rogue Planet" Thee Oh Sees
85:22 "Progress" Public Service Broadcasting
88:45 "Center" Quarterbacks
90:10 "Untitled" L.A. Witch
93:15 "Get Away" BIRDS
95:48 "My I Love You" Frankie Cosmos
97:16 "Watery Shreds" Elf Power
100:09 "Lavender Night" Amy O
101:46 SubInev on BTR
104:11 "Hammock" EZTV
107:26 "Les Pyramides" Chocolat
110:17 "Y/A/M/L feat. Lavinia Claws (Radio Edit)" Bottin
113:37 "Infinity Exposed" Modern Baseball
115:41 "Alaska Cruisin" Walter TV
117:53 "The Rain" Alessi's Ark
121:03 "I Hope That All Of Your Dreams Come True" Angelo De Augustine
123:26 "Draw(in)g To A W(h)ole" The Clean
125:22 SubInev on BTR / outro
128:08 FINISH!

For this special edition of the show, we pause to take a look back at the 40 record labels I’ve featured so far, from Graveface (Episode 1) to Flying Nun (Episode 49)!

I want to hear from you! Would you like to hear interviews with the people behind these labels, or do you prefer just enjoying the sweet mixes that I put together? Also, I want to know about your record label, or your friend’s record label, or the label you just discovered and want more people to know about! Leave a message at (408) SUB-INEV or find me on social media at @subinev!

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