Episode 49 / Flying Nun

Premiere DateOct 6, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Start
00:03 SubInev on BTR / intro / Flying Nun Records
01:21 ”Round and Down" The Bats
03:34 ”Minnesota" The Courtneys
07:05 ”Sunstone" Mermaidens
12:10 ”Funk Conversations" The Stones
15:43 ”For The Love Of Ash Grey" The Verlaines
19:12 SubInev on BTR / Flying Nun Records
22:05 ”Don't Come Down" Sneaky Feelings
25:17 ”What More" Tall Dwarfs
29:44 Big Cat" The Clean
31:21 ”Take It Slow" Fazerdaze
34:26 ”Someone Elses Eyes" Sneaky Feelings
37:48 ”Threads" Skeptics
41:51 ”Mirror" Features
43:57 ”Thief With The Silver" Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie
46:00 ”Stop Your Tears" Aldous Harding
51:29 ”Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love" Bird Nest Roys
54:40 ”My Dumb Luck" Chris Knox
57:19 ”Happy Endings" Bored Games
61:08 SubInev on BTR / Flying Nun Records
63:50 ”Crazy" David Kilgour
66:40 ”Rain In Tulsa" Able Tasmans
68:33 ”Lizard" Mermaidens
72:38 ”Yawn Vibes" The Bats
76:10 ”Draw(in)g To A W(h)ole" The Clean
78:07 ”Crisis After Crisis (Album Version)" The Verlaines
83:06 SubInev on BTR (backing track) "Instrumental" Florist
84:24 ”Sufferin' Creature" Faith Healer
87:22 ”Plimsoll Punks" Alvvays
91:32 ”Right Words" Cults
94:35 ”Fitchburg State" Lina Tulgren
97:47 ”2016" Nadine Shah
102:24 ”Five And Tens" Mattiel
104:25 SubInev on BTR
105:48 ”Waterfalls" Cherry
108:53 ”Someone To Walk Around With" Wesley Fuller
111:50 ”Signal, Sign" Duds
113:42 ”Creature In The Sun" PARTNER
116:05 ”U + Y" Walter TV
118:32 ”Glide" The Dream Syndicate
​ 124:47 ”Rockaway Blues" Shilpa Ray
128:28 SubInev on BTR outro/signoff
128:59 END

We’re back at it with another look at Omnian Music Group – this time it’s the legendary New Zealand jangle pop label, Flying Nun Records. Get a taste of some classic Kiwi bands as well as newer artists working with the label. For the second half of the show, we check out new music from the past few weeks, keeping the pop and punk vibes of the label feature going with great stuff from Cults, Faith Healer, Partner, and more!

Bryan has been blogging about, photographing, and making music for the better part of two decades. As a Senior Video Producer on the BTRtv video team, he works closely with artists, labels, and the music industry…