Episode 48 / Asthmatic Kitty Records

Premiere DateSep 29, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Start
00:08 SubInev on BTR / intro / Asthmatic Kitty Records
01:47 "Cloudbank" Julianna Barwick
04:06 "It's Our Game" Helado Negro
07:17 "World In My Eyes" Shannon Stephens
12:00 "Should Have Known Better" Sufjan Stevens
17:01 "Fade" Angelo De Augustine
20:31 "The Wolf Is Free" Lily & Madeleine
24:40 "Constant Muse" Denison Witmer
28:23 SubInev on BTR / Asthmatic Kitty Records
30:02 "Tell Them Memphis" Castanets
33:30 "Gallop" Epstein
37:39 "I.O.U" Fol Chen
40:43 "Calm It Down" SISYPHUS
47:02 "Now The Veiled Faces Can Breathe" Half-handed Cloud
48:00 "Bow a Kiss" Mozart's Sister
53:29 "Old Hanshakes" Instruments of Science & Technology
56:03 SubInev on BTR / Asthmatic Kitty Records
57:55 "I Don't Believe" Liz Janes
63:08 "'Til I Die" Chris Schlarb
66:57 "Chained Together" Mozart's Sister
69:38 "Translation: Success" Rafter
72:36 "Rabbit" Lily & Madeleine
75:36 SubInev on BTR / Asthmatic Kitty Records
76:44 "Escape Routes" My Brightest Diamond
80:08 "When I Know" Chris Schlarb
84:44 "Cara Falsa" OMBRE
88:10 "Year of the Dog" Sufjan Stevens
92:59 "Young Latin and Proud" Helado Negro
96:00 "I Hope That All Of Your Dreams Come True" Angelo De Augustine
98:19 SubInev on BTR / Mondo.NYC
99:49 "Jesus Blues" William Crighton
104:53 "Hey" Alvvays
107:38 "Mad About You" Son Little
111:06 "Forever Overhead" Cherry
114:07 "Night Terror" A Giant Dog
116:38 "Slow Motion Detonation (feat. Juana Molina)" Deerhoof
120:17 SubInev on BTR / outro
120:59 OVER!

This episode wasn’t supposed to be one of our longer record label features, but once you start to dig in to Asthmatic Kitty Records, you can’t stop at just 30 minutes… dive in and enjoy music from Sufjan Stevens, Angelo De Augustine, My Brightest Diamond, Helado Negro, and more in this extra-long spotlight! Stick around for the end where we check in on Australian songwriter William Crighton before he comes to town next week for Mondo.NYC (Radio Room info here), and a few sweet new songs from favorites Alvvays, A Giant Dog, Son Little, and Deerhoof to keep things fresh.

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