Episode 44 / Lame-O Records

Premiere DateSep 1, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:04 SubInev on BTR / intro / Lame O Records
01:30 "Gold and Green" Slaughter Beach, Dog
04:32 "Under the Sun" Cherry
08:33 "Infinity Exposed" Modern Baseball
10:38 "Stumptown Summer Heartthrob" Walter Etc.
13:16 "The Unbearable Purposelessness of Being" No Thank You
15:54 "Everything" The Pooches
19:27 SubInev on BTR / Lame O Records
20:51 "Savior" Dominic
23:49 "Garlic Soup" Loose Tooth
27:14 "Oh, My Heart" Shannen Moser
27:49 "Building the Ark" Slaughter Beach, Dog
32:04 "If You Really Love Me" The Obsessives
35:02 "Yup" Thin Lips
36:51 "Under Her Thumb" Hurry
40:46 SubInev on BTR
42:15 "Communicator" Rainer Maria
45:27 "Inverted Youth" Attic Abasement
48:45 "Flowing Over" Palehound
52:31 "Energy" B Boys
55:40 "Can't Hang" Vaguess
57:00 "Silver" Waxahatchee
60:19 "A Sickness" Roya
63:19 SubInev on BTR
64:09 "Grounded" Great Grandpa
66:17 "Dogs" Sinai Vessel
70:05 "CHERRY CORDIALS" Terry Crimes
72:51 "Down Down (alternate version)" The Coathangers
75:47 "HIVE" Dares
79:33 "Soft Power" LVL UP
82:28 SubInev on BTR
83:45 "Elastic" Amy O
86:04 "Oceans" Major Murphy
90:15 "Water" Captain, We're Sinking
93:13 "Cool Kids" Shana Falana
98:24 "What I Want" Cende
103:09 "Ugly Brunette" Horse Jumper of Love
106:02 "White Couches" Thelma
111:06 SubInev on BTR
112:16 "snow on the moon" The Spirit Of The Beehive
114:40 "Out From Under" Active Bird Community
117:44 "Feather Falling" Kelley Stoltz
121:23 "A Few Months" Girl Ray
125:27 SubInev on BTR / outro / signoff
126:03 END.

This week we turn our ears towards Philadelphia to check out the indie/punk label, Lame-O Records! Get into brand new tracks from Slaughter Beach, Dog, Cherry, and more from the label before diving into the rest of our mix, a specially-curated blend of brand new and recent music from our library.


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