Episode 39 / Winspear Records

Premiere DateJul 28, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Start
00:05 SubInev on BTR / intro / Winspear Records Feature
01:14 “Unfamiliar Ceiling” CARE
04:42 “Lavender Night” Amy O
06:22 “Mumbo Jumbo” Major Murphy
10:22 “Terror, Bright” Max T
13:10 “Pieces” PARTS
17:06 SubInev on BTR / Winspear Records Feature
18:59 “Moonlight” CARE
22:03 “Fantasy Theme” Kevin Krauter
26:58 “Sponge” Brenda's Friend
27:58 “Flowers” PARTS
31:40 “Palm Isle” Max T
35:08 “History Walking” Amy O
36:49 SubInev on BTR / Winspear Records Feature
38:34 “Bachelor” Kevin Krauter
43:55 “House Down” Brenda's Friend
46:05 “On & Off (Video Version)” Major Murphy
51:35 SubInev on BTR
52:04 "NO" Great Grandpa
53:47 "Outtasight" Siberian Traps
59:23 "The Forgotten Way" Augustines
63:17 "Trembles Part I" Alex Napping
66:20 "Schools of Eyes" Wye Oak
70:30 "Say" Mikal Cronin
74:44 "Wizard Of Loneliness" Wild Pink
77:15 "Run Sister Run" Cass McCombs
83:04 "SubInev on BTR
84:04 "Underneath the Apple Tree" Saint Etienne
86:36 "Ooo" !!!
90:07 "Debut" Deerhoof
92:57 "Sunbeam" Anthony Mudrick
97:39 "Lateral Alice" Ride
100:30 "Lion's Pride" Trevor Sensor
103:13 SubInev on BTR
104:34 "Stay Happy" Broken Social Scene
108:04 "Brite Boy" Alex G
110:30 "Young Bridge (Acoustic)" Land Of Talk
114:07 "Capacity" Big Thief
117:52 "Stale By Noon" Waxahatchee
120:32 SubInev on BTR / outro
121:09 FINISH

This week, we start out with a look at the Bloomington, Indiana-based Winspear Records and rock out to new music from Great Grandpa, Anthony Mudrick, and Siberian Traps before revisiting some older favorites from other artists whose new releases have been getting a lot of love on the show!

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