Episode 38 / Orange Twin Records

Premiere DateJul 21, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Start
00:07 SubInev on BTR / intro / Orange Twin Records
01:43 "Padawan of Your Love" The Hernies
05:35 "Watery Shreds" Elf Power
08:26 "Are You Underwater" Gerbils
12:54 "Mississippi Swells" Nana Grizol
17:07 SubInev on BTR / Orange Twin Records
18:00 "Happy Stomp" Mind Brains
22:54 "I Lost Something In The Hills" Sibylle Baier
26:18 "Portuguese Door" David Barbe
29:37 SubInev on BTR / Orange Twin Records
30:52 "Engine" Jeff Mangum
33:48 SubInev on BTR
34:49 "Gonna Get Better" Broken Social Scene
39:47 "Rally" Club Night
42:52 "Royal Stare" Grace Joyner
46:51 "Falling In Love" Monomyth
49:20 "Hair Slick Back" Sneaks
51:15 SubInev on BTR
52:06 "It Changes" Amber Arcades
55:24 "What I Want" Cende
60:07 "In The Lilacs" Julian Jasper
62:58 "Grounded" Great Grandpa
65:07 "You Became The Light" Eric Slick
67:55 "Dad Jokes" Hiccup
70:48 SubInev on BTR
71:31 "Mythological Beauty" Big Thief
76:28 "Interstellar" Shadowgraphs
79:41 "Khmlwugh" Homeshake
83:10 "Walnut" Palm
86:12 "Tell U What" Sad13
89:19 "Cryptography" Slowmotions
92:03 SubInev on BTR
93:03 "The Future Is Cancelled Pt. II" Captain, We're Sinking
96:53 "Mundane' Oak House
101:08 "New Machine" Froth
104:40 "One More Love Song" Mac Demarco
108:22 "Over Moving On" Sat. Nite Duets
110:38 "Can't Stop Thinking About You" Sunshine and the Rain
113:39 "Brass Beam" Waxahatchee
116:13 "Time To Scratch Them All" The Spirit Of The Beehive
117:58 SubInev on BTR
118:45 "This Time" Land Of Talk
124:29 SubInev on BTR / outro
124:37 IT'S OVER!

This week we head down to Athens, Georgia to get to know some of the excellent psych-pop music from the Elephant 6-related label, Orange Twin. We also check out new music from Broken Social Scene, Club Night, Great Grandpa, and much, much more!


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