Episode 36 / Double Double Whammy Records

Premiere DateJul 7, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 BEGIN!
00:06 SubInev on BTR / intro / DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY feature
01:35 "Don't Want To" Cende
03:06 "Fade" Great Grandpa
06:00 "Thick Skin" Bellows
09:06 "Sleeping Bear" (BTR Live Studio, 2016) Ó
12:48 "For You" (BTR Live Studio, 2016) Free Cake For Every Creature
15:11 SubInev on BTR / DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY feature
17:01 "Soft Power" LVL UP
19:54 "My I Love You" Frankie Cosmos
21:23 "Try Hard" Hovvdy
24:17 "Water" Yowler
27:28 "The Comedians" Liam Betson
29:51 "the crow" sean henry
32:32 SubInev on BTR / DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY feature
34:06 "Power" Ó
36:53 "The Birds Outside Sang" Florist
40:46 "First Summer in a City" Free Cake For Every Creature
42:44 "Teen Challenge" Great Grandpa
46:28 "Low Hymnal" Told Slant
49:23 "Go" Yowler
52:54 SubInev on BTR / DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY feature
54:06 "Birthday Song" Frankie Cosmos
55:11 "Friend" Hovvdy
57:30 "While I'm Alive" Cende
60:03 "Vacation" Florist
63:45 SubInev on BTR
64:33 "Summer Season" Celebration
68:38 "Two Oceans" Weaves
72:21 "Fast Fashion" - Supermoon
74:42 "Rich Kids" The Drums
77:38 "Birds Nest" The Garden
78:44 "Drifter" The Coathangers
81:04 "Black Diamonds" Big Thief
84:37 SubInev on BTR
85:16 "Western Questions" Timber Timbre
89:51 "Flash" Cigarettes After Sex
94:13 "I Love You Man" The I.L.Y's
97:31 "Scarlet Tunic" Shadowgraphs
100:40 "Soft Coffins" (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Alexander F
103:48 SubInev on BTR
104:31 "Means That Much" H. Hawkline
107:57 "At Night I'm Alright With You" Palehound
110:39 "Treefort" Ryan Massad
112:46 "Don't Wanna Be" Xenia Rubinos
116:39 "Take It" Jay Som
119:51 Subinev on BTR
120:27 "That's All for Now" Beach Fossils
123:31 Subinev on BTR / outro
123:38 OVER!

Double Double Whammy grew out of the SUNY Purchase music scene into the awesome musical behemoth that it is these days. You’ve heard a number of these artists regularly here on the Sub-Inev show, but in this episode we get a proper introduction to the current roster and latest releases. Get into it!

Bryan has been blogging about, photographing, and making music for the better part of two decades. As a Senior Video Producer on the BTRtv video team, he works closely with artists, labels, and the music industry…