Episode 35 / Greenway Records

Premiere DateJun 30, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 BEGIN!
00:06 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:50 "Somewhere" Sleep Good
05:20 "World Made" Land of Talk
08:23 "Dream Beam" (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Airpark
11:39 "Knock Louder" Summer Hymns
13:31 "Let It Be So" Southeast Engine
16:52 "Surfjerk" Motel Beds
19:29 "Contact" Beverly
23:25 "Numbers" Strange Lot
27:33 "Toe Cutter Thumb Buster" - Thee Oh Sees
31:02 "Sweet Talk" Air Waves
33:04 "Mythological Beauty" Big Thief
38:00 SubInev on BTR
39:33 "Medicine" The Black Angels
42:59 "From Head to Sandy Toes" The Loose Salute
47:39 "Don't Want To" Cende
49:10 "Royal Stare" Grace Joyner
53:10 "Kingdom" Eldest Son
55:15 "Waiting" All We Are
59:32 "Tiny Pieces" Coco Hames
63:57 SubInev on BTR
64:55 "Paradise Girls" Deerhoof
68:26 "Control" Hazel English
71:45 "Infinity" Suuns
73:54 "Crystal Ball" Jay Arner
76:09 "Modern Rhythms" Gap Dream
79:13 "Spaceman" Horse Jumper of Love
82:43 "Walkie Talkie" Palm
85:15 "Melancholy" Active Bird Community
87:15 "better" dollys
90:41 SubInev on BTR / Greenway Records Feature
92:34 "Get Away" BIRDS
95:06 "My Baby's Dead" Black Temple Shrines
97:06 "The Silt" Dead Coast
100:23 "The Hot Dog Jive" Fruit Tones
103:03 "The Sleeper Awakes" Yo No Se
107:56 "Changes" Stonefield
111:55 SubInev on BTR / Greenway Records Feature
112:51 "Uncle's Motif" Worthless
117:40 "Stuck In The Mud" Ghost Car
120:42 "Fosser" Thee MVPS
122:42 "Brian" L.A. Witch
126:44 "A Little Touch of Gravity" Moonwalks
130:36 SubInev on BTR / outro
130:51 FINISH!

We keep the vibe going a bit from last week, this time around with a summery batch of songs and a record label feature from Greenway Records!



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