Episode 33 / Team Love Records

Premiere DateJun 16, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // SubInev on BTR / intro
01:36 "Watch Me Take It Away" Cameron Avery
05:37 "Love Matters" H. Hawkline
09:14 "Inner Lover" Land of Talk
14:33 "Sewer Blues" Timber Timbre
18:58 "Make It Better" Hazel English
21:57 "Dance" All We Are
25:04 "My Name Is Youth" Brodka
26:54 // SubInev on BTR
28:04 "Proud" (Sandy) Alex G
32:59 "Shark Smile" Big Thief
36:53 "Sacred Clown" Celebration
39:48 "Sedgwick" Trevor Sensor
42:22 "Temperamental Bed" Alex Napping
48:25 "Heavy Lunch" Deep State
51:50 // SubInev on BTR
53:57 "Even If" Airpark
56:37 "Friend" Hovvdy
58:54 "skin shells" Wilding
61:26 "Who Are You" Breanna Barbara
64:27 "One In The Hand" Sweet Crude
66:43 "If You Met Her" Palehound
70:25 "Stupid Kid" Raj And the 100s
72:29 "Dallas Love Field" Henry Jamison
76:18 "You Are Not Your Mind" Eric Slick
79:55 // SubInev on BTR / Team Love Feature
83:25 "Heavenstay" Shana Falana
85:39 "Ended Up Making Love" Miwi La Lupa
88:52 "Porch" Long Beard
91:20 "Hipsters" The Band Droidz
94:22 "Close Encounter" Roz and The Rice Cakes
98:18 "Solid" Bentcousin
101:49 // SubInev on BTR / Team Love Feature
102:54 "The Pattern Grows Clearer" iji
106:03 "familiar" Tica Douglas
109:42 "Center" Quarterbacks
111:06 "Pot Kettle Black" Tilly and the Wall
113:52 "Hellmouth" Choir Boy
117:42 "Pea Green Coat" The Wave Pictures
120:33 // SubInev on BTR / Team Love Feature
121:33 "Brainy Fox" Shana Falana
124:23 // SubInev on BTR / outro
124:31 // FINISH!

This week we dig into the past couple weeks of brand new releases before taking a little trip up the road to New Paltz, NY to check out some music from the Team Love record label!


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