Episode 28 / Ten Dollar Recording Co

Premiere DateMay 12, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 start
00:07 // Subinev On BTR / intro / Ten Dollar Recording Co feature
02:27 "Lightest Toes" Ryan Massad
05:59 "Silvertron" Anthony Mudrick
10:29 "Keep On Keepin On" Thomas Mudrick
14:29 "Lawnmower Man" Chance Wiesner
17:58 "Cold Pork Chops" Mo Douglas
21:37 // Subinev On BTR / Ten Dollar Recording Co feature
22:47 "Musical Instruments of the World" Reed Burnam
25:40 "30 Ought" - Nodding Tree Remedies
28:59 "Midnight Dream" Human Shaped Earth
32:37 "Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)" What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance
40:47 // Subinev On BTR / Ten Dollar Recording Co feature
41:57 "Catch a Whiff" Prince Joely
46:03 "Moonbeam" Thomas Mudrick
49:31 "Justin Bieber on a Beaver" Silvertron Youth Choir
53:06 "Sheddin These Skins" Kevin Lierman
58:12 "Stoney Jabroni Makosa" Ryan Massad
60:42 // SubInev on BTR
62:22 "He Left His Hometown" Raj And the 100s
65:05 "teriyaki " flowers de moon
68:31 "Grifting" Timber Timbre
72:49 "Hunt Me Down" The Black Angels
76:37 // SubInev on BTR
77:02 "Mood" Little Star
79:03 "Tea & Sympathy" Dares
82:22 "I Don't Wanna Go" Coco Hames
85:07 "Ground Cover" Real Life Buildings
90:08 "Spent" Los Angeles Police Department
93:35 "Inner Lover" Land of Talk
98:50 // SubInev on BTR
99:35 "Bleeding Blue" Woods
104:45 "Reactionary" Fred Thomas
106:47 "Leave It Here" Sir Was
110:56 "Colour" Minihorse
113:47 "Baybee" Jay Som
117:24 // SubInev on BTR
118:33 "Reticence" Oak House
123:13 // SubInev on BTR / outro
123:25 // FINISH!

This week we take a look at the Portland, OR-based record label, Ten Dollar Recording Co!

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