Episode 26 / Anti- Records

Premiere DateApr 28, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro / Anti Records Feature
02:18 "Toes" Son Little
05:56 “The Salmon” Sean Rowe
10:11 “Nobody” Doe Paoro
13:12 “Swimming” Delicate Steve
15:15 “Cry” Cass McCombs
19:56 “The Love You Save” Jolie Holland
25:07 SubInev on BTR / Anti Records Feature
26:35 “Wasted On Fidelity” Cameron Avery
30:22 “Making Time” Greg Graffin
33:41 “New York” Peter Silberman
36:57 “Hyatt” Tinariwen
40:13 “Locator” Wilco
42:21 “I Won’t Say” Xenia Rubinos
45:40 “Begin Again” Andy Shauf
48:45 SubInev on BTR / Anti Records Feature
50:18 “Gifts For The Earth” Deafheaven
58:23 “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life” Japandroids
62:15 “Plane 2” Los Angeles Police Department
67:07 “Shooting Shadows” The Milk Carton Kids
70:41 “Powder Train” Arc Iris
74:46 “Beneath The City Of Dreams” Calexico
77:15 "Face To The Highway" Tom Waits
80:49 “Pyramids” Man Man
84:41 “It Gets More Blue” Girlpool
88:03 “Daunting Friend” Lost In The Trees
90:51 SubInev on BTR /
92:32 “Grifting” Timber Timbre
96:42 “I Recollect (BTR Live Studio, 2017)” Living Body
100:40 “Hold You Down ” O+S
103:33 “Weight (BTR Live Studio, 2017)” CLOSENESS
109:00 “I Dreamt” The Black Angels
113:15 “Take A Ride (BTR Live Studio, 2017)” Desert Mountain Tribe
116:25 SubInev on BTR /
118:06 “Beta Something” Dares
121:55 SubInev on BTR / outro
122:08 FINISH!

This week on the show we take a nice, long look at the LA-based label Anti- Records, including brand new music from Los Angeles Police Department, Peter Silberman, Greg Graffin, and more before wrapping things up with new tunes from O+S, Dares, and more!

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