Episode 25 / Hand Drawn Dracula

Premiere DateApr 21, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:35 “Salt” R. Ring
03:35 “My Mine” H. Hawkline
07:42 “This Time” Land Of Talk
11:29 “Real Peach” Henry Jamison
15:17 “I Do Love You” Coco Hames
18:23 “Twenty First Road Trip” The Spirit Of The Beehive
21:50 “No Control” Trementina
24:19 “Newbie” Active Bird Community
26:19 // SubInev on BTR
27:26 “It Gets More Blue” Girlpool
30:48 “Stained Glass” Real Estate
34:30 “New Machine” Froth
37:59 “Party Next Door” White Reaper
40:11 “The Box” The Planes
43:13 “Phone Dead” The Duke of surl
46:46 “Pinstripe Web” Minihorse
49:00 “Tall Glass Of Water” Tim Darcy
52:17 // SubInev on BTR
54:28 “Cool Kids” Shana Falana
59:39 “Cut That Out” Oak House
62:59 “Wedding In Finistére" Jens Lekman
69:33 “Echolocation” Fred Thomas
72:30 “Act Out” Sneaks
77:26 // SubInev on BTR / Hand Drawn Dracula feature
79:24 “Not So Dead” Yi
82:56 “Flat White” Fresh Snow
90:22 “Drag” Vallens
94:31 “Time Travel” The Seams
98:22 “Only One” His Clancyness
103:14 // SubInev on BTR / Hand Drawn Dracula feature
104:08 “It’s the Nail that Counts, Not the Rope” Doomsquad
107:55 “Tidal Wave” Beliefs
112:12 “In Your Light” Bruce Peninsula
115:44 “Ladyfingers” Yi
118:12 // SubInev on BTR / Hand Drawn Dracula feature
119:10 "OK Stupid (BTR Live Studio 2017)" Darkwing
120:15 // SubInev on BTR / outro
120:23 FINISH!

This week we check out new music from R. Ring, Land Of Talk, Girlpool, Real Estate, and more before getting to know the Toronto-based label Hand Drawn Dracula!


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