Episode 23 / Daptone Records

Premiere DateApr 7, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:01 “Not My Combination” Sneaks
03:09 “Big Brain” The Spirit of the Beehive
05:28 "Less Tunnel More Light" Bright Brown
09:16 “Make It Rhyme” TW Walsh
12:20 “Put A Lid On It” Blank Square
13:06 “Pinstripe Web” Minihorse
15:19 “The Doubt Returns” Racing Heart
19:48 SubInev on BTR
20:33 “Not Today” Molly Burch
24:28 “The Songs Of Our Youth” Anthonie Tonnon
28:16 “The Embers” Vagabon
31:26 “Sleep With The State Concept” Loose Tooth
33:51 “Puff” Priests
35:39 “Your Love” Middle Kids
38:49 “Get Bummed Out” SPORTS
41:07 “Sensitive Girl” Froth
44:17 SubInev on BTR
45:16 “What Keeps You Up At Night” Stardeath and White Dwarfs
50:28 “Melancholy” Active Bird Community
52:31 “Offering” Personal Space
55:54 “Lucid Dreams” Cherry Glazerr
59:31 “Gypsy Blood” Jamie Lidell
61:41 “Grape Basement” Damaged Bug
64:45 “Piranhas Club” Man Man
68:33 “Toes” Son Little
72:11 “Black Hole” Pillar Point
76:03 “We Don’t Sleep” Har Mar Superstar
79:17 SubInev on BTR / Daptone Records Feature
80:34 “Thunderclap” The Dap-Kings
83:18 “Dirty Money” Antibalas
89:25 “Chicken Half” The Sugarman Three
92:45 “Long Time, Wrong Time” Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
96:01 SubInev on BTR / Daptone Records Feature
96:50 “Gonna Make Time” Saun & Starr
99:34 “More Mess On My Thing” The Poets of Rhythm
103:37 “Mercury’s Odyssey” The Olympians
107:05 “What Have You Done” Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens
110:39 “Thunder Chicken” The Mighty Imperials
113:40 SubInev on BTR / Daptone Records Feature
114:31 “Confusion” Charles Bradley
118:08 “The Sticks” The Budos Band
121:55 Subinev On BTR / outro
122:14 FINISHI!

This week on the show – brand new music from Bright Brown, Sneaks, Loose Tooth, and more, plus a record label feature spotlighting the legendary Brooklyn funk/soul machine, Daptone!


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