Episode 21 / Misra Records

Premiere DateMar 24, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 intro / SubInev on BTR / Misra Records feature
01:42 “Living Half To Death" William Matheny
05:39 “Clear Cut” Jenny Toomey
09:32 “Smoke Your Homework” Motel Beds
12:27 “Can You See Me Now” Emily Rodgers
16:53 “Aw Come Aw Wry #6” Phosphorescent
18:03 / SubInev on BTR / Misra Records feature
19:29 “Senselessly” South San Gabriel
22:24 “Limb From Limb” Land Lines
25:14 “At Least We Have Each Other” Southeast Engine
27:39 “Fearanoia” Summer Hymns
30:56 “Top Banana” Palomar (all things, forest)
33:34 “It’s All Been Downhill Since The Talkies Started To Sing” Hallelujah The Hills
39:21 “Rosemarie” Adam Torres
42:40 “Sleep With My Fists Clenched Tight” Racing Heart
46:09 “A Critical Display of Snakes” Centro-Matic
49:53 “Undergrad” Southeast Engine
53:50 / SubInev on BTR / Misra Records feature
55:46 “Something Dark” The Mendoza Line
57:39 “Dumpster Diving” Anthonie Tonnon
61:24 “Triggers And Trash Heaps” Centro-Matic
64:31 “Room For Mistakes” Shearwater
68:49 “2AM, Chinatown” Julian Jasper
72:06 “Trolling On The Lake” Summer Hymns
76:08 “At The Symphony” Melaena Cadiz
78:14 “Pursuit of Happiness Part 1” - Southeast Engine
80:37 “Only A Monster” Jenny Toomey
84:20 / SubInev on BTR / Misra Records feature
86:07 “The Crossover” Destroyer
91:03 “A Makeover” Shearwater
95:52 “Hanging’ Around” Knowlton Bourne
99:59 “What They Really Do” Summer Hymns
103:09 “Variations on the Grand National Championships” Hallelujah The Hills
107:57 “Golden Boy (Torture In The Shed)” The Mendoza Line
110:35 “Two Years” Emily Rodgers
115:07 / SubInev on BTR / Misra Records feature
116:51 “Flashes And Cables” Centro-Matic
121:04 outro / SubInev on BTR / Misra Records feature
121:15 FINISH!

This week on the show, it’s all Misra Records, all the time! The full two hours of music is all from the Pittsburgh-based label’s 15+ years or releases, featuring essential acts Centro-Matic, The Mendoza Line, and Jenny Toomey, as well as newer favorites William Matheny, Land Lines, Anthonie Tonnon, and Julian Jasper.

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