Episode 20 / Friendship Fever

Premiere DateMar 17, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // SubInev on BTR / intro / Friendship Fever feature
02:03 “Thought Garden” Deep State
03:15 “Lights Out” Imaginary Tricks / queens artists
06:06 “Thriller” Minihorse
09:11 “Dreamless Sleep” Roselit Bone
12:55 “Wild About You” Tess & Dave
16:51 “Hot Prowl” Wilding
21:21 // SubInev on BTR / Friendship Fever
22:55 “No Idea Pt. II” Deep State
25:29 “Blueback” Minihorse
28:41 “Social Chess” Tess & Dave
33:03 “Bird” Imaginary Tricks
37:03 // SubInev on BTR
38:08 “Everybody Works” Jay Som
41:31 “I’m Not Your Girl” Sunshine & The Rain
45:03 “Cosmic Bloom” Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel
49:51 “Gods & Clods” Strange Lot
53:20 “Kinda Bonkers” Animal Collective
56:32 “Telephone” Sinkane
59:33 “sHOULD hAvE kNOwN” Nnamdi Ogbannaya
63:32 “Extra Free Year” Generationals
66:50 SubInev on BTR
67:43 “Torn To Pieces” Molly Burch
71:59 “The Shadow Knows” Skyway Man
75:24 “Esque” Oak House
80:56 “Close My Eyes” Walrus
84:13 “Forget Your Love” Holy Tunics
86:55 “Infuriated” Fred Thomas
90:36 “Can’t Take You {dif} Dreamend
94:39 “Examine It” Wei Zhongle
98:10 “Lace Them Taut” Kino Kimono
102:05 // SubInev on BTR
102:48 “No One Wants It To Happen To You” Small Black
106:39 “Farmers Road” Telekinesis
111:11 “My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars” Mitski
112:03 “Be All Be Easy” Woods
114:52 “Satisfy My Mind” Gringo Star
117:05 “Human” Weaves
120:00 “One Hundred Million” Aloha
124:45 // SubInev on BTR
125:21 “Closer” Living Body
129:17 // SubInev on BTR / outro
129:26 FINISH!

This week we take a look at Friendship Fever Records, the new label from the people previously behind Park The Van! Once we get acquainted with some of their artists – DEEP STATE, minihorse, Wilding, and the rest, we dive into some more new music from Jay Som, Animal Collective, Sinkane, and more!


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