Episode 16 / Slumberland Records

Premiere DateFeb 17, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:09 "Currency" Black Angels
05:17 "Tapping On The Line" Calexico
08:36 "Evil" Avers
11:44 "Rest Of It" Strand Of Oaks
14:42 "Stellar" Experimental Aircraft
19:11 "Pale Calico" Kino Kimino
22:29 "Just Me" Fufanu
26:05 "New Taste" Sneaks
27:38 SubInev on BTR
28:46 "Happiness" And The Relatives
30:39 "Yuppie Flu" Land Of Talk
35:25 "Strange Year" Cloud Nothings
39:00 "Awkward Sounds" Yairms
42:48 "Get Away" Jaill
45:25 "The Dirt" Waxahatchee
47:20 "Let Go" Son Lux
50:39 "Metal" Jerusalem In My Heart and Suuns
54:22 SubInev on BTR
55:41 "More Romantic" CLOSENESS
59:28 "Braid" Porches
62:48 "Hey, Stellar" Honeyblood
65:51 "Slop" Forth Wanderers
69:45 "We Both Have Nothing To Fear" Skyway Man
74:28 "Nothing Ever Changes" What In Your Heart Can Put You In A Trance
78:42 "Clutching The Straw Map To Your Heart" Holy Tunics
81:21 SubInev on BTR
82:45 "Open Letter To Forever" Fred Thomas
84:36 "Don't Look Down" Jeen.
87:38 "Centralia" Flying Pace
92:34 "Writer" Lambchop
96:13 SubInev on BTR / Slumberland Record Label
97:38 “The English Softhearts” Literature
100:03 “Cremated (Blown Away)” The Proper Ornaments
103:08 “Realization Hits” Bent Shapes
106:45 “Yeah, Tonight” Gold-Bears
109:24 “New Boy” Real Numbers
111:34 “Look Out Here They Come” Black Hearted Brother
114:08 SubInev on BTR / Slumberland Record Label
114:42 “Ariana” Mercury Girls
117:11 “Won’t Come To Find You” Terry Malts
119:30 “See Me Through” Tony Molina
120:11 SubInev on BTR / Slumberland Record Label
120:45 “It’s Alright” Weekend
124:08 SubInev on BTR / outro
124:16 FINISH.

This week on the show, we check out more new music from Black Angels, CLOSENESS, Strand Of Oaks, and more before digging into the DC-based label, Slumberland Records.

You can send feedback on the show, make requests for labels to cover (especially if it’s YOUR label!), and just say hi at b@subinev.com.


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