Episode 14 / YK Records

Premiere DateFeb 3, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // SubInev on BTR / intro / YK Records
02:46 “June” Uncle Skeleton
05:25 “Diskoteq” Uncle Skeleton
07:43 “Cryptography” Slowmotions
10:27 “Onism” Sleep Good
14:21 “X” Sleep Good
16:28 “The Key” Kindercastle
20:14 “D’s All Around” Kindercastle
22:27 // SubInev on BTR / YK Records
23:23 “The Rules Have ChangeD” Makeup And Vanity Set
30:15 “Adolescence” Makeup And Vanity Set
32:48 “Porno Mtn” Jasmin Kaset
35:32 “Throw It All To The Dogs” Jasmin Kaset
36:46 “Springwater” Birdcloud
38:31 “Do What I Want” Birdcloud
40:25 “Fishin’” Poly
42:57 “Black Cat” Poly
46:42 “Like A Bad Movie” Roy Ira
50:02 “Money” Little Bandit
52:24 “Drinkin’ At The Bar” Little Bandit
55:11 // SubInev on BTR / YK Records
56:58 “The Seer” Skyway Man
61:03 “Terre, 9999” Skyway Man
65:36 “Laughing” Nightblonde
69:08 “Tour De Prance” Nightblonde
73:08 “Even If You Don’t Die” Apollo Up!
77:02 “Situation: Hot!” Apollo Up!
82:02 “City Is” Jay Leo Phillips
84:07 “New Fires” Jay Leo Phillips
85:41 “Stay Inside” Tower Defense
87:22 “Management” Tower Defense
90:02 “Hammer Down” and the relatives
92:58 “Happiness” and the relatives
94:49 “Answer Your Telephone” Hotpipes
97:59 “Magic Is Everywhere” Hotpipes
101:08 // SubInev on BTR / YK Records
102:41 “Whole Wide World” Mystery Twins
105:21 “Got It Wrong” Codaphonic
108:30 “Oh Radio!” Codaphonic
114:51 “External Recap” Nahnee Bori
119:42 “Iditarod” Nahnee Bori
124:19 “Catecholamines” Forget Cassettes
127:30 “Sometimes You’re the Bad Guy” Forget Cassettes
132:29 // SubInev on BTR / YK Records
134:02 “Whiskey Ginger” Mount Sharp
136:39 // SubInev on BTR / outro
136:45 Finish.

This week on the show, we take a look at YK Records. This vinyl-focused label began in Nashville in 2009 and just had a great year with 10 records in 2016, and has 2017 already off to a fantastic start with two critically-acclaimed new releases about to drop. Get caught up and acquainted with a full episode music from YK Records!

In or near Nashville? The label is hosting a showcase featuring several of these artists and celebrating the release of Little Bandit’s Breakfast Alone on February 10 at Mercy Lounge  Hi-Watt!

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