Episode 13 / Arts & Crafts

Premiere DateJan 27, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // SubInev on BTR intro / Arts + Crafts feature
01:17 “First In Line” Kevin Drew
03:56 “Warriors” Farao
07:31 “Bad Ritual” Timber Timbre
10:36 “St. Lucia” Bernice
14:24 “Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old-Girl” Broken Social Scene
18:39 “All The Miles” Amy Millan
21:21 “Let It Go, Don’t Let It Go” Zeus
24:45 “Horses Fell” The Darcys
28:19 “Pacific Time” The Cribs
32:39 // SubInev on BTR / Arts + Crafts feature
35:11 “Whistleblower” (BTR Live Studio) Dan Mangan
38:22 "New Skin” Torres
42:32 “Who Wants To Hear This?” Chilly Gonzales
52:16 “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life” Japandroids
56:10 “Windsurfing Nation” Broken Social Scene
60:30 // Subinev on BTR
63:51 “Misremembered” Fred Thomas
66:38 “I Am The Others” Son Lux
71:19 “Sailin’ Sailin’” Breanna Barbara
73:27 “I Never Know” Generationals
76:38 “Decentralized” Wei Zhongle
79:41 “Hold U” Ava Luna
83:41 “Sleepwalker” Arms
87:34 “Barmaids” Jasmin Kaset
89:27 “Congratulations On Your Latest Achievement” Jeff Beam
94:22 “Didn’t I Warn You’ Golden Suits
98:17 // Subinev on BTR
100:12 “There Are No Blues” Snaex
104:08 “I’m A Dirty Attic” Cate Le Bon
106:57 “TAFKA Salieri” Sat. Nite Duets
110:17 “Very” Damaged Bug
113:42 “Cherry Blossom” Dott
116:55 “Bones” Crumb
120:00 // SubInev on BTR
121:29 “Everything Is Temporary” Beat Radio
125:14 // SubInev on BTR / outro
125:21 Finish.

This episode takes a look at Arts & Crafts, the Toronto-based record label and collective. We also check out new tracks from Fred Thomas, Snaex, and Crumb!

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