Episode 57 / Ernest Jenning Record Co / Pete D'Angelo Interview Part 1

Premiere DateDec 1, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 START
00:04 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:49 Ernest Jenning Record Co interview
05:52 “Wit's End” The Quick Fix Kills
08:48 EJRC interview
16:07 “Double Ferrari” Double Ferrari
20:25 EJRC interview
20:44 “Not Enough Too Soon” Title Tracks
23:49 EJRC interview
35:58 “I Wanna Exist” Savak
39:10 “Sleeping in Graceland” Exit Verse
41:59 EJRC interview
42:11 “Wash On By” La Strada
45:55 “Anything You Want” Dinosaur Feathers
50:28 EJRC interview
58:16 “Adelita” O'death
61:21 “Western Sky” North Collins
64:07 “King Day” Blood Warrior
65:38 EJRC interview
68:34 “Sexless Auto” Lifeguards
71:49 EJRC interview
81:18 “Spun and Spurn” Saint Pé
83:51 “Bandit Queen” King Khan
86:13 “Hurtin' Class Feat. Ian Svenonius” King Khan
89:42 “Until The End” Saba Lou
92:52 “Never Hold On” King Khan
97:19 “Quick” William S. Burroughs
99:41 “America Goddamn” King Khan
101:42 EJRC interview
106:00 “I am Rocket” Kudzu Wish
108:35 EJRC interview
112:33 SubInev on BTR / outro
113:55 OVER

This is part 1 of a two part episode on the record label Ernest Jenning Record Company. The label’s founder, Pete D’Angelo, stopped by with a few beers and we spent a couple of hours talking about music and how the label works. In this episode, we cover some of label’s latest releases, older favorites, and King Khan’s Khannibalism imprint.


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