Episode 89 / Refresh Records

Premiere DateJul 13, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:29 Refresh Records interview
17:43 "Take Away" Echo Courts
20:29 Refresh Records Interview
34:25 "Mistakes" Emily Donohue
38:23 SubInev on BTR
64:46 "Anybody Out There" Young Mister
68:23 "Thats Why" Junior Astronomers
70:46 "Downtown As Fruits" Cuzco
75:14 "Marmalade" Ancient Cities
78:31 SubInev on BTR
79:57 "Fine" Neighbor Lady
83:25 "Nakedwav" Monogold
87:34 "Pasture" Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else
89:26 "Waiting on the Warmth" MorMor
93:52 "Ohio Will" Hotpipes
97:12 "Toss Up" Kevin Krauter
102:28 "Lines" Air Waves
105:58 SubInev on BTR
106:37 "Lay Low" Fiddlehead
109:15 "Not Sorry" Dott
111:29 "Message Erased" Deeper
114:19 "Rush Hour 3" The Beths
118:02 "Called In" Ari Roar
119:07 SubInev on BTR
121:06 END

Josh Higgins of the Charlotte, NC-based label Refresh Records joins us by phone to chat about the 3-year old label. We check out music from Echo Courts, Emily Donohue, Cuzco, and more before digging into some non-Refresh jams from Neighbor Lady, Hotpipes, The Beths,  Ari Roar and more!

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