Episode 85

Premiere DateJun 15, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR /intro
01:41 "No Phone" Scott Orr
05:51 "Hangover Square" Boy Azooga
10:16 "Windowsill" Ari Roar
12:00 "Desert Horse" Melody's Echo Chamber
17:13 "I Don't Have To" Sibille Attar
21:55 SubInev on BTR
22:33 "The Keeper" The Magic Numbers
25:29 "He's The Moon" Bernice
29:46 "You, Forever" Sam Evian
33:17 "Restart" Pllush
35:40 "Walk Into The Temple" Beach Skulls
38:45 "Something Else" Tancred
42:08 "Feels" Deeper
44:08 "Itch of Summer Knees" Frog Eyes
46:53 "Angels of Death" Jennifer Castle
50:35 SubInev on BTR
51:15 "Love Isn't On My Mind" Boys
55:41 "Oh Honey" Neighbor Lady
59:07 "Outbound" High Disciple
65:25 "Western Chauvinist" Ty Richards
68:10 "We Might Come Back" Black Moth Super Rainbow
70:34 "Thunder Song" Jess Williamson
73:59 "Losing No Sleep" Las Rosas
77:34 "Backslidin'" Speedy Ortiz
80:32 SubInev on BTR
81:07 "Sand Song" The Shacks
84:00 "Where To?" Language
85:20 "The Imaginary" Yonatan Gat
88:07 "Phony" Gracie Mansion
90:26 "Body Of Mine" Liz Brasher
93:07 "Simulation Feels" Dear Nora
95:13 "You Can Have Alonetime When You're Dead" Remember Sports
97:54 "Whatever" the Beths
102:12 "Parallel Lines" Wax Chattels
108:18 "New Living Creation" Drahla
110:24 SubInev on BTR / outro
113:34 END.

Time for a break from the record label features, as we dive into other new music from the past couple of months, including new releases from Scott Orr, Boy Azooga, Ari Roar, Frog Eyes, Bernice, and much, much more!

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