Episode 84: Ramp Local

Premiere DateJun 8, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:25 Ramp Local interview
16:40 "My Killer" The Dreebs
20:15 Ramp Local interview
46:57 “Next To Me" Lily And Horn Horse
48:52 Ramp Local interview
63:36 “Apocalypse Me" Buck Gooter
65:46 Ramp Local interview
73:40 ”Rising. A Requiem For Father Murphy" Father Murphy
77:08 Ramp Local interview
91:53 ”Calender Boy" The Cradle
95:22 ”Fuselage" Banned Books
98:34 ”A Gringo Like Me" Big Neck Police
102:23 ”Kicked Back Into The Crypt" The Sediment Club (Eclectic Sessions Vol. 1)
105:11 ”The Monks" New England Patriots (ESV 2)
109:34 ”Pink Pigging" Old Maybe
110:30 ”PVC Pipes ft. Lily" Lily and Horn Horse
112:08 ”Good Time" Lily Konigsber
114:02 "Chappy Coat" Pat Keen
117:30 SubInev on BTR /outro
119:00 END.

For this week’s record label feature, Jake Saunders of Ramp Local joins us to chat about the label’s unique origin, and to dive into some of the fascinating stories behind its artists and releases. We also touch on the effects of streaming on the music industry (this article by Liz Pelly gets referenced) and the challenges and issues that a young indie label encounters.


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