Episode 83 / 10 Foot Woody Records

Premiere DateJun 1, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
1:00 "Wait For Me" She Returns From War
04:18 10ft Woody Interview
11:35 "Under the City Lights (feat. Ben Bridwell)" Brian Robert
16:40 10ft Woody Interview
25:17 "Kite Flyer" Husband
29:22 10ft Woody Interview
34:02 "BLACK CATS" The Affectionates
38:46 10ft Woody Interview
42:28 "These Bones" Scott Low
45:52 10ft Woody Interview
46:24 "Right" King Vulture
52:44 SubInev on BTR
53:22 "Good To Be Alone" Erika Wennerstrom
63:31 "When I Held You in My Arms" The Men
68:24 "Coral Crescent" The Low Anthem
70:26 "To Be Alone" Yours Are the Only Ears
73:01 "Sage" Nap Eyes
77:58 "Two Cold Nights in Buffalo" Courtney Marie Andrews
81:22 "Where the Big Water Meets the Shore" Benjamin
84:50 "Blue Coal" Wendyfix
88:43 "Not Around" Oceanator
92:50 SubInev on BTR
93:49 "NIGHTLIGHTS II" Nana Grizol
96:04 "Let Yourself Go" Haley Blais
98:04 "A Partner to Lean On" Trace Mountains
101:19 "Infinity Chain" Laced
103:56 "Below" Renata Zeiguer
107:19 "Jar of Clay" Pregnant
111:06 SubInev on BTR
111:47 "Projections" Yonatan Gat
113:51 SubInev on BTR / outro
115:08 END

Zac Thomas of 10 Foot Woody Records joins us by phone from the record label’s home in Columbia, South Carolina for an introduction to their releases!

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