Episode 78

Premiere DateApr 27, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
03:06 "Heaven" Future States
07:19 "Skin" Soccer Mommy
11:17 "Heaven Knows" Nassau
15:33 "Soil" Trace Mountains
20:17 "Space Medusa" Shadowgraphs
24:19 "Border" Courtney Marie Andrews
28:07 "Skipping School" Amen Dunes
33:18 "Letting Go" Erika Wennerstrom
38:12 SubInev on BTR
40:02 "Say It" Sama Dams (title track)
43:49 "Warm Blood" The Beths (title track)
47:54 "The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs" Wye Oak (title track)
52:17 "The Deconstruction" Eels (title track)
56:24 "Backwoods Ritual" Dusted
58:01 "Bitdrone" SPOUSE
62:39 SubInev on BTR
63:33 "Colorblocking" Media Jeweler
65:32 "Roses" Nap Eyes
68:52 "Good Cheer" Oneida
72:51 "Satisfaction Theories" Eve Essex
78:53 "Nite Expo" Oh Sees
81:47 SubInev on BTR
83:06 "Live Like Dogs" Prism Tats
86:01 "Oh Baby" Alexis Taylor
89:19 "Caballero" Shamir
92:47 "Static Resistance" Hookworms
96:34 "Proactive Evolution" WHY?
101:03 "Cubic Zirconia" No Thank You
102:35 "Shred City Nights" Everett Bird
104:55 "Rocky Mountains" Peach Kelli Pop
106:11 SubInev on BTR
106:46 "1049 Gotho (radio edit)" IDLES
110:30 "The Fox in Motion" Hop Along
114:19 "Tidal Waves" Fiddlehead
116:24 "Erasure" Superchunk
120:03 "Care 2 Slam?" Ramonda Hammer
122:52 "Where I Stand" The Thermals
124:57 SubInev on BTR / outro
126:00 OVER

This week we’re catching up on new and recent releases again, including a special block of new title tracks we’re loving!

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