Episode 76 / Good Eye Records

Premiere DateApr 13, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:28 Good Eye Records Interview
05:22 "What A Lovely Bandsaw!" (Naytronix Remix) Makeunder
09:59 Good Eye Records Interview
19:01 "You're Not There" Lunch Ladies
22:17 Good Eye Records Interview
28:17 "Palais" Hoeksema
34:50 Good Eye Records Interview
42:17 "Poolhouse" Russian Baths
46:12 Good Eye Records Interview
57:30 "Swirl" Andy Cook
60:43 Good Eye Records Interview
76:38 "Game Piece" Language
78:59 Good Eye Records Interview
84:04 "Off Script" Scarves
86:25 "All Chained Up" The Rareflowers
89:15 Good Eye Records Interview
92:26 "No Prison" Dusted
96:50 SubInev on BTR
97:08 "Say Hello" Wye Oak
100:40 "Divide & Conquer" IDLES
103:59 "What the Writer Meant" Hop Along
107:59 "Bone Dry" Eels
111:32 "Secrets" Sama Dams
113:55 SubInev on BTR
115:45 "Well Water Black (Featuring WHY?)" Alias
121:31 SubInev on bTR / outro
121:55 END.

As we round the corner in the into the final quarter of the first 100 episodes of the show, we welcome Mike Mehalick of Good Eye Records (and Speak Into My Good Eye) to talk us through the genesis of the label and his own adventures through a career in the music industry. We also hit on NJ (Kevin Smith, obviously, and beer, less obviously perhaps), what it takes to get on the Good Eye tip, how great art gets made (check out Sarah Ver Hoeve to see for yourself), an exclusive premiere of a track by the band Language, and a publicist shoutout. Stick around after the interview and label feature for a handful of other brand new music.


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