Episode 72 / Imaginator Records

Premiere DateMar 16, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:27 SubInev on BTR / Imaginator Records
35:11 “Because You're Dead” Clawman
42:59 “They Know” ClawMan
46:00 “Snow” Ω▽ (OHMSLICE)
49:54 SubInev on BTR / Imaginator Records
94:02 “Ellipsis” ensemble, et al.
96:50 “Broken Heart” The Icebergs
99:42 SubInev on BTR / Imaginator Records
119:51 “The Hyena” Clawman
123:29 SubInev on BTR / outro
123:46 OVER

David Rogers-Berry of the NYC-originated and now Portland, Maine-based label, Imaginator Records (launched in 2016), joins me in the studio to chat about his approach to starting the label and what they’ve got in the works. We also spend some time reminiscing about Apocalypse Lounge, o’death, punk marching bands, and Maine noise artists.

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