Episode 63 / PNK SLM Recordings

Premiere DateJan 12, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:26 PNK SLM label feature
01:39 “Ramen Waitress” High Sunn
04:06 “Rearranging My Ways” Beachtape
07:02 “Heard Her” HOLY
12:27 “Nothing To Show (No Reason To Go)” Holiday Ghosts
15:00 “Put Me In A Movie” Miss World
17:03 “Nervous” Gestures
19:36 “Alright” ShitKid
22:20 “Janey Was A Klepto” Black Mekon
24:41 SubInev on BTR / PNK SLM label feature
25:23 “Through & Through” Beachtape
27:37 “Polaroids” High Sunn
31:20 “Get Away” Gestures
33:23 “Can't Bear To Be Boring” Holiday Ghosts
35:54 “Fish At Sea, Right?” ShitKid
37:57 “premonition / ◯ / it shines through” HOLY
44:35 “Salt Liquor” Black Mekon
46:25 “Buy Me Dinner” Miss World
49:08 SubInev on BTR
50:50 “A Break In The Wave” Duke of Surl
53:55 “Everybody Wants To Be Famous” Superorganism
56:58 “Hold You Down” O+S
59:57 “Shallow Water” TW Walsh
63:15 “Dreambone” Renata Zeiguer
66:49 SubInev on BTR
67:46 “My Garden Is Fever” Greg Jamie
69:52 “Mine/Yours” Long Neck
72:08 “Here Diagonally” Remy
75:32 “NIGHTLIGHTS II” Nana Grizol
77:46 “Brain Fog [BTR Live Studio, 2017]” Ghost Funk Orchestra
80:15 “Warbringer of Impossible Mind Tetris” - Double Ferrari
83:18 “Rapid Driver Moon Inhaler” Big Walnuts Yonder
86:49 SubInev on BTR
89:22 “Makin' Excuses” Mister Heavenly
93:14 “Pulling Away” Jessica Boudreaux
96:42 “CawCawCaw” Jaye Bartell
99:29 “Dead River” Coco Hames
103:09 “April 41st” Walter Etc.
105:32 SubInev on BTR
107:05 “Summer Sleeper” Lina Tullgren
109:11 “Strand” Agent Bla
112:28 “80 West” The Dream Syndicate
116:40 SubInev on BTR / outro
117:33 END

For our first record label feature of 2018, we check out the London/Stockholm-based label, PNK SLM Recordings! Once we’re acquainted with some of their output, we get into new music from The Duke Of Surl, Greg Jamie, Superorganism, and more!


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