Episode 60 / OMNIAN Music Group Recap

Premiere DateDec 22, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:55 Still Beating Mac DeMarco
03:49 Get Lost Lina Tullgren
07:08 Distance To The Waves Pale Blue
11:35 Qualm of Innocence Fresh & Onlys
16:14 Everything I Want Sneaky Feelings
19:49 Your Name Kedr Livanskiy
24:23 Not U Homeshake
27:01 Chains Chastity
32:42 SubInev on BTR
33:34 Illusions Dinner
37:28 Right Words Cults
40:31 Time To Get Ready The Bats
44:40 CawCawCaw Jaye Bartell
47:27 Spring Time Walter TV
50:48 Less to Live For Vaguess
52:13 Energy B Boys
55:19 Satan's Song Reptaliens
58:17 Varosha Bottin
61:09 Tip Of The Tail Sheer Agony
63:25 Loving Time Bird Nest Roys
65:42 I’m Unaware Girl Tears
67:27 What Was That Thing Able Tasmans
70:00 SubInev on BTR
70:47 Chapter II Naomi Punk
75:44 Something New The Stones
78:35 When I Tried Widowspeak
83:10 And We Bake Skeptics
87:36 Breathe and Die Tim Cohen
90:53 SubInev on BTR
92:01 Big Soft Punch The Clean
94:28 Hammock EZTV
97:42 Waiting round On You David Kilgour
101:53 Four Colours Novella
105:39 Dont Get It Bored Games
109:06 Piano (One) Peter Jefferies Jono Lonie
113:47 Tip of My Tongue Tall Dwarfs
115:38 SubInev on BTR
116:02 Try Molly Burch
119:19 SubInev on BTR / outro
119:52 END

Before we get to a full 2017 music recap, let’s revisit the labels we’ve previously featured that are part of the OMNIAN Music Group: Captured Tracks (episode 40), 2MR (episode 43), Sinderlyn (ep 45), and Flying Nun (cup 49).  This week, we’ll be taking a look at more tracks from each of these, in this OMNIAN feature recap.

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