Episode 59 / King Pizza Records

Premiere DateDec 15, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:28 King Pizza interview
18:17 “Kids'll Lose Their Heads Sometimes” Coach n Commando
21:21 King Pizza interview
33:01 “Leopard Stealth (I'm Gone)” Narcos
37:01 “Full Metal Black” The Royal They
40:02 King Pizza interview
57:30 “Lord Of Garbage” The Mad Doctors
60:38 “Swamp Taco” The Mad Doctors
64:53 King Pizza interview
68:58 “Speed Dial” The Fucktons
70:56 King Pizza interview
80:47 “Easy Heart” The Duke of Surl
84:15 King Pizza interview tapes and vinyl
107:24 “Trip” Sun voyager
110:38 “HENRY” LUMPS
113:03 “Treading Water” El Silver Cabs
116:50 “Prom Mom” The Rizzos
120:14 King Pizza interview
124:42 “Shook” Suzies
126:44 “infrared” The Omecs
128:45 King Pizza interview
147:07 “Mr. Policeman” Stuyedeyed
149:06 “VOMITING MULTITUDE” Dicktations
151:39 “Neighborhood” Super FM
153:50 SubInev on BTR / outro
154:31 END

This week, we take a bite out of the Brooklyn-based label King Pizza Records with the operation’s Big Cheese, Greg Hanson. He stopped by to chat about the music, pizza, action figures, the Wilhelm Scream, and so much more. Dig in, it’s a fun one!

You can pre-order the Men of King Pizza 2018 Calendar here.

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