Episode 41 / Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

Premiere DateAug 11, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 START
00:16 SubInev on BTR / intro / Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
02:18 "I Could Kick Myself (BTR Live Studio, 2017)" Sam Kogon
04:02 “Séance” Heaters
10:27 “The Chill” Coke Weed
14:49 “Chaos & Systems” Sundays & Cybele
18:04 “To Dream Again” Eerie Wanda
20:58 “Climbing Light” Prince Rupert's Drops
24:20 “Hasta La Victoria” The Myrrors
38:07 SubInev on BTR / Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
39:37 “Fine Flow” The Entrance Band
48:15 “Bye Bye (Baton Rouge)” New Electric Ride
52:07 “Open Eyes” Quilt
55:06 “Seed” Elkhorn
60:59 SubInev on BTR / Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
63:03 “Circle” Midday Veil
68:35 “Kodama” Kikagaku Moyo
72:51 “Titan's Island” Ancient Ocean
77:28 “How Could That Be Why?” Drakkar Nowhere
80:35 “Unchange” Annique Monet
85:47 SubInev on BTR / Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
87:30 “New Jive” Coke Weed
90:52 “Les Pyramides” Chocolat
93:41 “Cerebration Day” Dire Wolves
103:48 “A Forming” JJUUJJUU
110:19 "I Was Always Talking (feat. Frankie Cosmos)" Sam Kogon
113:31 "Dangerous Death Ray" Prince Rupert's Drops
117:30 SubInev on BTR / outro / Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
120:12 “At the Edge of Time” Our Solar System
124:05 Subinev on BTR / signoff
124:17 end!

This week, we’re diving into Brooklyn’s BEYOND BEYOND IS BEYOND label for a full two hour exploration of their far out, heady jams. Come along for the ride.


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