Episode 220: Indie Label Origin Stories from 2020

Premiere DateJan 14, 2021
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:53 Crafted Sounds w/ Connor Murray
06:40 mic break
07:07 Rounder Records w/ John Strohm
16:06 mic break
16:37 Spinster Sounds w/ Emily Hilliard and Sally Anne Morgan
19:51 mic break
20:26 ba da bing w/ Ben Goldberg
31:07 mic break
31:24 Fox Food Records w/ James Smith
37:03 mic break
37:42 Wild Honey Records w/ Franz Barcella
40:01 mic break
40:19 6131 records w/ Sean Patrick Rhorer and Joey Cahill
47:48 mic break
48:13 Ten Dollar Recording Co w/ Ryan Michael Block and Mariya May 
49:27 mic break
49:42 Warhen Records w/ Warren Park charlottesville, va
52:18 mic break
52:29 darling recordings w/ Nick Faidley
54:22 mic break
54:35 Jam Eater w/ Ellie Karavas
63:57 mic break
64:23 Devil In The Woods w/ Mike Cloward and Carla Sarinana
73:03 mic break
73:23 Plastic Miracles w/ Elise Okusami
77:06 mic break
77:28 repeating cloud w/ Galen Richmond
79:02 mic break
79:20 misra records w/ Jeff Betten
84:17 mic break
84:33 Dear Life Records w/ Michael Cormier and Frank Meadows
88:08 mic break
88:08 American Dreams w/ Jordan Reyes
90:22 mic break
90:46 Rub Wrongways w/ Henning Ohlenbusch
93:43 mic break
94:16 Born Yesterday w/ Greg and Kevin
98:17 mic break
98:35 oof records w/ Ava Mirzadegan 
105:38 mic break
106:08 Colemine Records w/ Terry Cole
112:31 SubInev on BTR / outro
114:28 END.

In this episode, we’re taking one final look at 2020, digging back into our indie label interview episodes to compile the origin stories of labels we featured!

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