Episode 219 / Music From 2020: O-W

Premiere DateJan 7, 2021
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:20 "I Would Find You" Oceanator
07:14 "Peace To All Freaks" of Montreal
11:55 "Personified" Optic Sink
16:16 "Upbeat Ritual" Osees
18:27 "Lanolin " PAINT
21:28 "Spinning Gold" Parlor Walls
24:26 "Play On" Photo Ops
27:44 "Under the Wires" Pottery
31:39 "Sacred Geometry" Psychic Markers
35:26 mic break
36:11 "Waterfall (feat. Charlie Martin)" Quarter-Life Crisis
38:32 "Just A Creature " Reptaliens
41:27 "Turn It All Around" Rubber Band Gun
45:24 "Fit N Full" Samia
48:09 "Try to Be on My Side Now" 2nd Grade
50:46 "Little Pieces" Secret Sun
55:03 mic break
55:31 "On My Own" Shamir
59:40 "About You" Shopping
63:24 "Sage" Slight Of
67:04 "Faith" Sneaks
69:40 "3rd eye weeping" Son Little
72:51 "Worry" Songhoy Blues
75:53 "Never The Same" STRFKR
78:21 "Singing" Sun June
81:16 "BREATHE (feat. Jerusalem In My Heart)" SUUNS
83:46 "Bring Back That Which is Kind to You" Thanya Iyer
88:10 "How Could I" Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
89:11 mic break
92:22 "Lonesome High" Tom Sanders
96:10 "Records of Your Tenderness" Torres
98:54 "Dog Country" Trace Mountains
101:15 "Above / Below" Twin Peaks
107:48 "Surrender into Waiting Arms" Wares
112:28 "Glue" Wax Chattels
116:52 "Fire" Waxahatchee
120:21 "Robber" The Weather Station
125:38 "The Good Ones" Widowspeak
130:07 "Strange To Explain" Woods
133:40 outro
136:18 end.

This is part 3 of 3 for my 2020 year in music recap. As always, this is an incomplete list of my favorites, and presented unranked, though along the way I may highlight some records that really stood out a little extra for me this year. We’re doing things alphabetically this time around, so this episode covers artist names from O-W (no X, Y, or Z artists made the list this time around).

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