Episode 213 / Thanksgiving

Premiere DateNov 26, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:31 "How Wonderful" Young Magic
04:52 "Dreams Of Cannibalism" Typhoon
08:12 "Goodbye Reason, Goodbye Rhyme" Yves Jarvis
10:10 "What If" Calicoco
13:40 "Tired & Buttered" Quilt
16:38 "New Taste" Sneaks
18:11 SubInev on BTR
18:37 "Year of the Tiger" Sufjan Stevens
23:01 "Logic of Color" Wye Oak
25:55 "I Could Be So Real" Coke Weed
30:33 "Dead Eyes" Dusted
35:27 "Fake Like" POLIÇA and s t a r g a z e
39:17 "Where Do I Begin" Wilco
42:04 "I'm Awake" The Fresh & Onlys
45:48 "Turned the Heat Off" Mirah
49:33 "Nothing Could Be Better" Homeshake
52:21 SubInev on BTR
52:50 "Last Fad" Deerhoof
55:49 "Bubbleguts" Nahnee Bori
58:44 "Inner Lover" Land of Talk
64:03 "Lost Feeling" caroline says
69:38 "Known Steps In Directions Unknown" Heaven For Real
72:25 "Might I Deserve to Have a Dream" Arc Iris
77:00 SubInev on BTR
77:27 "Nothin' I Ever Seen" Centro-Matic
80:25 "Cool (feat. Satchy)" Hana Vu
83:37 "Hollow" Alex G
87:35 "Sunday Meal" Amy O
89:52 "The Roses" Eternal Summers
93:11 "Transmission Listen" Helado Negro
96:45 SubInev on BTR
97:18 "Not Today" Molly Burch
101:14 "The Bright Void" TW Walsh
105:08 "Constance" Cate Le Bon and Bradford Cox
110:59 "Careful" Suuns
118:01 "Dance Like You Wanna Die" Pillar Point
120:58 "Monsters" Slaughter Beach, Dog
124:19 "Somewhere Far Away From Home" Angelo De Augustine
127:22 "Karl Blau" The Microphones
128:59 "The Take" Woods
134:30 SubInev on BTR / outro
135:52 END.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this mix of jams from a few years back.

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