Episode 212 / Born Yesterday Records

Premiere DateNov 19, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:12 "Pool Dizzy" DUMMY
04:09 Born Yesterday Records interview
39:53 "Tumbler" Red Tunic
44:07 "Le même discours" Bleu Nuit
46:37 "Mystery Solved" Landowner
53:45 "Fade Out The World" BÉRET
56:40 "Dimed" Stuck
58:50 "Zenith" Cafe Racer
62:30 "Frogs" FCKR JR
64:33 "Seminal Art " Cafe Racer
69:16 SubInev on BTR
70:07 "Civics II Honors" DROOL
72:30 "Restraint" Landowner
73:54 "Invisible Wall" Stuck
77:18 "Prime Mover Unmoved" DUMMY
81:17 "The Good" FCKR JR
84:32 "Alotta Gosh" The knees
87:14 "Used To It" Glued
90:08 "Phantom Vibration" Landowner
94:11 "Itch" The knees
96:40 "Book of Hera" BÉRET
99:15 SubInev on BTR
100:13 "Angel Lamp" Red Tunic
102:55 "Thursday Morning" DUMMY
107:29 "Bells" Stuck
110:18 "Russian Blue" Cafe Racer
113:41 "White Hole" BÉRET
116:56 "The Pain and Sleep Department" FCKR JR
119:20 "Speaking In The Back Seat" The knees
121:56 "Progress Bar" Landowner
124:54 SubInev on BTR / outro
126:20 END

In this episode we’re catching up with Greg and Kevin of the Chicago-based label, Born Yesterday Records. We talk about the young label’s beginnings, how the pandemic has affected their bands (Deeper, Stuck) and the label, and we dive in for a ton of music from their catalog.

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