Episode 205 / Dear Life Records part 2: music

Premiere DateOct 1, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:05 "Intro" Karl Blau / Live From The Void
01:46 "From a Bus Window in Central Ohio, Just Before A Thunder Shower" Hour / DLR BTL 001 - Hour @ Boot and Saddle
06:23 "D.C." jason calhoun / Live @ Rhizome (Takoma Park, MD) 2/15/2020 & The Tomb (Richmond, VA)
32:40 "In Brend 8" JR Samuels / In Brend
35:23 "Night After Night" Michael Cormier / Days Like Pearls
44:11 "unknown" jason calhoun / jedidiah
49:15 SubInev on BTR
50:09 "How Do You Survive" Kath Bloom / Bye Bye These Are The Days
55:01 "Stuck Inside Port Townsend (with a Pete Townshed solo LP)" Karl Blau / Live From The Void
59:23 "Quiet and Still" Natalie Jane Hill / Azalea
62:47 "Customers on Thanksgiving" Michael Cormier / M-F
66:23 "you die and that's it" jason calhoun / jedidiah
76:02 "In Brend 2" JR Samuels / In Brend
79:46 SubInev on BTR
80:49 "A Drop of Blood Is Passed From Hand To Hand (Live)" Shane Parish / DLR BTL 003: Acid Tunnel (Live!) - Solo At The Mothlight (Asheville, NC)
103:20 "Insulation" Michael Cormier / M-F
106:37 "The Sand" Karl Blau / Live From The Void
109:21 "La Jesucita" Shane Parish / Way Haul Away
115:10 Outro
116:51 END.

Following up on last week’s interview with Michael Cormier and Frank Meadows of Dear Life Records, here’s an extended look at their catalog, focusing on some of the longer, live, and atmospheric tracks they’ve put out thus far.

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