Episode 204 / Dear Life Records Part 1: Interview

Premiere DateSep 24, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:30 "Dream House" Michael Cormier
04:50 Dear Life Records interview
38:50 "Middle of the Night" Kath Bloom
40:59 "we're still here" jason calhoun
50:19 "Willy, the Weeper" Shane Parish
55:10 "Midnight Ride of the Big Blue Bug" Michael Cormier
58:10 SubInev on BTR
58:34 "All the Things I Never Saw" Natalie Jane Hill
62:42 "I Can't Remember How Far Away You Were" Hour
66:20 "In Brend 6" JR Samuels
69:57 "When I Catch The Reins" Karl Blau
73:20 "Your House Is Burning" Kath Bloom
77:32 "Philly Morning" Michael Cormier
81:42 "Great Blue Heron" Natalie Jane Hill
85:26 SubInev on BTR
86:02 "hold on a minute" jason calhoun
89:19 "Soft Situation (Live)" Shane Parish
101:40 "Dinners" Michael Cormier
105:32 "Haul Away, Joe" Shane Parish
108:52 "Flooded" Natalie Jane Hill
111:51 "Blue As My Name" Karl Blau
114:46 "Let's Get Going" Kath Bloom
118:39 SubInev on BTR / outro
120:05 END.

In this episode, we’re featuring the young Philadelphia-based label, Dear Life Records, by chatting with Michael Cormier and Frank Meadows and checking out music from their first year!

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