Episode 203 / Rosebud Allday

Premiere DateSep 17, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:19 "Shadow in the Sunshine" Drea the Vibe Dealer Priestess of Vibrations
03:28 Rosebud Allday interview
55:27 "If I Don't Want You" Wyatt Waddell
59:28 "XO" Ifeanyi Elswith
63:11 "White City, Black World" Michael Damani
66:11 "Mums" Gem Tree
69:15 "Persuade Me" Blake Davis
72:38 SubInev on BTR
73:16 "sacrifice" Drea the Vibe Dealer
77:05 "On A Wire" Manny 10x
80:20 "You" Wyatt Waddell
86:30 "Warp Speed" Warp Speed
88:42 "vacation (ft Blake Davis)" Drea the Vibe Dealer
91:02 "RAINBO... (ft. Miss Jones, Marcus Reese, Manny 10x, Wyatt Waddell, Mike Galperin)" Kechi
94:34 SubInev on BTR
95:28 "Don't Call Me Baby Girl" Ifeanyi Elswith
99:33 "Need You Mix" Gem Tree
103:12 "Sleeper" Wyatt Waddell
106:16 "Strange Times (ft. Sam Veren, Lil' Smoke)" Jsun Rose
109:51 "Let Me Live" Gem Tree
113:04 "Everyday (ft. Marcus Reese, Wyatt Waddell)" Danielle Jones
116:09 "Fight!" Wyatt Waddell
118:34 "catastrophe" Drea the Vibe Dealer
121:15 SubInev on BTR / outro
122:47 END

In this episode we’re featuring the Chicago-based label, studio, and collective, Rosebud Allday, with an interview with Billy Giannopoulos.

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