Episode 201 / Misra Records part 2

Premiere DateSep 3, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR
00:59 "Two Seats Gold Reserved" Centro-Matic
04:53 "The Light" Mars Jackson
08:43 "I Believe In You" Emily Rodgers
14:31 "Teenage Bones" William Matheny
17:49 "Sicknessing" South San Gabriel
21:32 "Wave Backwards to Massachusetts" Hallelujah the Hills
25:01 "Stayed Too Long" Melaena Cadiz
28:39 "Kinda (Makes You Feel Good)" André Costello and the Cool Minors
32:16 "Rhinoceros" Bablicon
36:58 "Breakneck Jane's Fifteen Minute Escape" Adam Torres
41:05 "Until the Very End" Bears
43:51 "Future Tripping" Bindley
46:51 "Let's Stay In" Jenny Toomey
51:21 SubInev on BTR
52:30 "Bronx Science (Julie Ann)" Chris Lee
55:24 "Better Things, Pt. 2" déCollage
58:13 "Lights On" Motel Beds
61:14 "The Love That Counts (Can Never Be Killed)" Dust from 1000 Years
63:03 "Plans" Land Lines
67:58 "This Hip Hop" Summer Hymns
70:48 "The Air Between Us" Palomar
73:50 "Lapsing" Drowsy
77:40 SubInev on BTR
78:19 "So and-So's With Emeralds in the Sky" - Marshmallow Coast
81:18 "Friends Like These" Mobius Band
85:30 "September, Maybe" Sleeping States
91:17 "Failure #1" St. Thomas
95:28 "Squaring the Circle" Racing Heart
99:06 "Sleepwalking" The Bruces
102:40 SubInev on BTR
103:31 "It May Be Low" The Low Lows
108:38 "Betting to Show" Theodore
110:46 "If Feelings Mean a Thing" Crooks on Tape / 15 Years: Adventures in Obstinacy
113:44 "Boone" Rave Ami / All Great Bands Break Up
119:12 "The Triple Bill of Shame" The Mendoza Line / 15 Years: Adventures in Obstinacy
123:40 "Nanana" Paperhaus / Are These the Questions That We Need to Ask?
127:22 "Promises" Chet Vincent / Where the Earth Opens Wide
131:09 "The View from the Floor" Slow Dazzle / The View from the Floor
133:33 SubInev on BTR / outro
135:09 END.

For the second half of this indie record label feature on Pittsburgh-based Misra Records, we’re taking a deep dive into the label’s catalog of 20 years with a full two hour mix of music.

Check out our interview with Misra Records label manager Jeff Betten.

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