Episode 200 / Misra Records

Premiere DateAug 28, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
02:07 "The Journey" Buffalo Rose
06:42 Misra Records interview
63:26 "Two Free Hands" Anthonie Tonnon
67:49 "California Dreamin'" Jonny Goood
71:58 "Tightrope Walker" PJ Orr
78:29 "Dead Heart" Phosphorescent
85:11 "Summer and Her Ferris Wheel" Southeast Engine
87:05 "Overrated" Good Sport
90:30 "In the Lilacs" Julian Jasper
93:22 SubInev on BTR
94:11 "Golden Sparklers" Holopaw
99:39 "Lies of The Few" Bad Custer
105:13 "Breathe Deep, Not Loud" Centro-Matic
108:19 "Streethawk II" Destroyer
110:37 "Diving" Evangelicals
114:22 "Gone" Knowlton Bourne
118:27 "Mistakes" Shearwater
120:40 "Are You Ready for the Shutdown?" Will Johnson
122:46 "Learning It As I Go" Jeff Betten
126:00 SubInev on BTR / outro
127:40 END.

For the 200th episode of this show, we’re featuring the Pittsburgh-based label, Misra Records, including an interview with label manager Jeff Betten. In this episode, we cover Misra’s 20 year history, the relationship between physical records and streaming, the impact of the pandemic on the music industry at large, the geography of Pittsburgh and it’s inherent benefits, and signing artists from unsolicited demos! This is part one of two focusing on Misra – in this episode you’ll hear the interview and some new music from the label as well as other artists mentioned in our conversation, and then for next week, we’ll take a deeper dive thru the label’s two decades worth of music.

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